The Digest of Smartphone Usage Statistics – 2020


The US smartphone market is one of the largest globally, with more than 260 million people using smartphones. In compliance with the global growth of the world smartphone market, the penetration rate for smartphones in the US has steadily increased over the past decade to more than 80% today. According to smartphone statistics, the revenues generated from selling smartphones also increased in this period, with annual sales of over $70 billion.  

The two major leaders in the smartphone market in the United States is Apple and Samsung. Altogether, the two manufacturers are responsible for more than 60% of the nation’s smartphone sales. The most used phone among American consumers is the Apple iPhone, with nearly 50% of subscribers using Apple devices. The strong position of Apple and Samsung in the US market results from the satisfaction derived by the customers. 

The five most popular smartphone models in the US are Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone, as they also have the highest customer satisfaction. In this article, we will be discussing statistics on the usage of smartphones in the US. And other interesting facts and stats about smartphone ownership, revenue generated, and the rate at which people are addicted to smartphones. 

General Smartphone Statistics – 2020

  • 66% of smartphone users are addicted to their phones. Source
  • In 2019, there were 5.11 billion mobile users in the world, and 2.71 billion out of them are using smartphones. Source
  • Up to 75% of users expect quick information about things when using their smartphones. Source
  • The country has the highest number of smartphone users in China, with more than 782 million users. Source
  • 75% of smartphone users are immediately open to information when using a smartphone. Source
  • Throughout the world, there are more owners of a mobile phone than a toothbrush. Source

In a day in the US, 35% of smartphone users check their phones more than 50 times. Source

Facts & Stats About Smartphone Usage Statistics

Stat #1: Every day, an average smartphone user uses the phone for 63 interactions. Source

Based on the latest data, usually, an average person will check his/her phone up to 63 times per day. Also, for 87% of people, it happens one hour before bed, while 69% of smartphone users check theirs in the first five minutes after waking up. Additionally, 86% of people check while walking with their friends.

Stat #2: In 2019, 3.2 billion people own a smartphone worldwide. Source

According to the latest findings and calculations from Statista, the number of people using smartphones was 3.2 billion. The simple interpretation is that every third person you meet owns a smartphone. 

Stat #3: There are over 5 billion mobile device users in the world. Source

The real-time intelligence data from GSMA explains that 5.13 billion people worldwide own mobile phones. And that accounts for 66.5% of the total population of people. However, only 2.71 billion people own a smartphone; that is, 35.13% of the world’s total population. 

Stat #4: Children get their first mobile device for around 12 years of age. Source

The latest survey found that 56% of children between the ages of eight and twelve have a mobile phone. It is even more exciting to know that 21% of children aged eight and younger use smartphones. Families with children aged eight and under have a smartphone in 69% of cases.

Stat #5: The numbers of mobile phone owners will increase to 7.33billion by 2023. Source

According to Statista, the number of mobile phone users worldwide will increase remarkably over the next four years. At present, the number is 6.8 billion users and is expected to grow steadily in the next four years. In addition, statistics predict that we can expect to exceed the 7 billion mark within a year.

Top 10 Smartphone Countries in  2019 – 2020

  • China – 782+ million users
  • India – 386+ million users
  • USA – 235+ million users
  • Brazil – 91+ million users
  • Russia – 84+ million users
  • Indonesia – 67+ million users
  • Japan – 65+ million users
  • Mexico – 60+ million users
  • Germany – 57+ million users
  • UK – 46+ million users

Stat #1: China has more smartphones than in any country in the world. Source

As of 2018, china has up to 850 million smartphone users in the world. And this makes India the second country, although it’s not anywhere near china. 

Stat #2: Smartphone penetration is an indicator of how advanced the economy of a country is. Source

For instance, a penetration rate above 70% is more common to countries that have an advanced economy. And countries like Canada and japan stays behind the 70%. 

Stat #3: Smartphone penetration is already picking up in African countries. Source

Although the penetration rate in African countries is currently low. However, it is expected to increase more in the years to come.

Stat #4: UAE has the highest penetrating rate. Source

The United Arabian Emirates accounted for 82.2% of its population using a smartphone. And this place, the country has had the highest smartphone penetration.

Stat #5: Bangladesh has the lowest penetration, which is 5.40%. Source

There are almost 9 million smartphone owners in Bangladesh, which is very small compared to the country’s population of 166 million.

Smartphone Usage by Demographics

Stat #1: Men use smartphones more than women. Source 

According to research by pew research, 84% of men own a smartphone while it is 79% for women

Stat #2: Whites own more smartphones than Blacks and Hispanics. Source 

The rate of smartphone usage for white is 82%, while 80% of blacks use smartphones. Leaving the Hispanic behind with 79%. 

Stat #3: College graduates have 91% smartphone usage, which is a little more than high school students and graduates. Source 

91% of college graduates own a smartphone, while it is 72% for high school graduates. However, people less than graduates are only 66%. 

Stat #4: There is more usage of smartphones in urban areas than suburban and rural. Source

About 97% of people in the urban area own smartphones. While 96% and 95% own smartphones in Suburban and rural, respectively. 

Stat #5: People aged 18 -24 own more smartphones than all other age groups. Source 

About 96% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 own smartphones; the closer to this is the people between ages 30 – 49 (92%). However, it is 79% for 50-64 and 53% for 65+.

Smartphone usage statistics by state (USA)

Stat #1: The highest was Arizona, with 276 minutes. Source

Arizona residents spend about thirty-six hours a week on their phones, twelve more hours than the national average. Furthermore, the average screen time in Arizona is more than twice the amount of the lowest state average

Stat #2: California still has a considerable screen time of 204 minutes. Source

People who live in California also makes large use of their smartphones. California has an average of 23.80 hours weekly and averagely 51.71 days in a year. 

Stats #3: Lowest state average was Vermont with 124 minutes. Source

The residents spend 14.47 on their phone in a week. And an average of 31.43 days in a year. 

Stat #4: Connecticut has a closer screen time to Arizona. Source

Smartphone owners in Connecticut spend an average of 262 minutes a day on their phones. An average of 30.57 hours in a week and 66.41 days in a year. 

Stat #5: Screen time in Oklahoma is half of the time in Arizona. Source

Residents in Oklahoma, on average, spend 15.28 hours in a week. While they spend an average of 33.20 days in a year.

Smartphone Ownership statistics

Here I will be explaining the statistics of different owners that control the smartphone market.

Stat #1: Samsung has more control over the three major markets for smartphones. Source

Even though Samsung has its issues, yet it still has much power in the smartphone market. For example, they dominate 30% of Europe, 26% of Latin America, and 25% of the Middle East and Africa. Also, it has 11% in Asia

Stat #2: Two of the top fastest-growing brands are Huawei and Xiaomi. Source

Both brands were not very popular until a few years ago. Huawei and Xiaomi are both Chinese brands, and they have managed to increase their market share over time by 40.9% and 48.8%

Stat #3: Apple controls 42% of Australia’s smartphone market share than other owners. Source

Samsung has 35% ownership in the Australia smartphone market share. Making the brand second after Apple in Australia.

Stat #4: In 2019, a galaxy model (A50) of the Samsung phone was the best-selling phone. Source

After the launch of the A-series, their market share in Europe increased drastically, leaving apple behind. 

Stat #5: As of 2019, Apple has 42% market share in the US. Source

Asides from the dominance in Australia, Apple also has a market advantage over Samsung in the US. The brand has up to 42% share. And one of the things that helped Apple was the launch of the iPhone X.

Smartphone Ecosystem Revenue Statistics

With so many people using phones throughout the world. What do you think could be the estimate of what they spend on smartphones?  

Stat #1: The money spent on mobile ads throughout the world in 2019 was $190 billion. Source

However, it is expected to exceed $240 billion in 2022. The mobile Ad has experienced rapid growth for the past few years but might decline slightly to 10.4% by the end 0f 2022. 

Stat #2: Revenues generated through mobile apps are expected to reach $ 188.9 billion in 2020. Source

In 2018, revenue generated from the global mobile app exceeded $ 365 billion. Mobile apps are estimated to generate more than $ 935 billion in revenue in 2023 through paid downloads and in-app ads.

Stat #3: Mobile ecosystem contributes to the public funding sector. Source

The mobile ecosystem contributed over $ 500 billion in global public sector funding. According to Statista, the mobile ecosystem contributed over $ 500 billion to public sector financing in 2018. And it was through general taxes.

Stat #4: App stores’ revenue in 2018 was $92.1 is expected to reach $139.6 billion. Source

Most of the revenues come from the game, at least about 76%, while others come from the App.  

Stat #5: Between 2013 t0 2018, the sale of smartphones globally generated $522 billion. Source 

The number of phones sold was around 1.5 billion units. According to Statista, the revenues generated from smartphone sale in 2017 was 478.7 billion.

Smartphone Penetration by Country statistics

Stat #1: China has a penetrating rate of 59.9% of smartphones. Source

China is one of those countries in Asia that is known for its phone usage. However, with a total population of 1,420,062,000 there are 851,153,000 smartphone users. 

Stat #2: The United States 79.1% penetration rate in smartphone usage. Source

With a total population of 329,093,000 people in the US, there are 260,237,000 users of smartphones. Making the rate of smartphone users in the US about 81% of the total population

Stat #3: India has the lowest penetration rate, with 25.3%. Source

The total number of people using smartphones in India is considerably low to the total population. The total population is 1,368,737,000 and the number of smartphone user is 345,916,000.

Stat #4: The United Kingdom has the highest penetration rate, with 82.9%. Source

The United Kingdom has a total population of 66,959,000, and the population of smartphone users to be 55,504,000. According to Statista, 76% of their population uses smartphones while the rest account for people with mobile devices or no phone. 

Stat #5: Germany has a 79.9% penetration rate in smartphone usage. Source

The country has a total population of 82,438,000, while 65,864,000 people use a smartphone. As recorded by Statista, about 78% of the population use smartphones.

Smartphone Addiction Statistics

This is a statistic showing the number of people that are always found to be stuck to their phones.  

Stat #1: 85% of people that uses smartphone check the device when they are with friends and family. Source

Even though this is quite rude and annoying, yet a lot of people do this often. They do this either because they are feeling bored or want to have personal time for themselves.

Stat #2: iPhone users unlock their phones 80 times a day on average. Source

An analyst named Ben Bajarin said the iPhone is very addictive. Also, a normal iPhone user checks his phone six or seven times within an hour or about every 10 minutes.

Stat #3: Presently, 81% of people living in the US own smartphones. Source

When compared with the smartphone statistics from a previous 2013 study. It shows that 56% of US adults had at least a smartphone in their homes.

Stat #4: 66% of the total population exhibits signs of nomophobia. Source

Two out of three people are stuck with the telephone. Therefore, at least, you should know people who fit this profile. 

Stat #5: At average, a smartphone user unlocks his/her phone 150 times per day. Source

It is funny that we laugh 15 times a day. But we check our phones ten times more

Stat #6: 58% of people using smartphones cannot do without checking their phones in an hour. Source

This is mostly true for younger people, at least, people between age 18 to 34 find this harder to do

Stat #7: About 95% of teens either have access or owns a smartphone. Source

According to important information based on a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, about 95% of teens can access a smartphone. Statistics also show that 54% of teenagers in the US spend a lot of valuable time on cell phones. This concern was noted by two-thirds of the parents.

Popular Smartphone Brands Statistics

Stat #1: More than 50% of smartphone shipment for Huawei is in China. Source

Huawei continued to grow in China, surpassing Apple, in the first quarter of 2020. The OEM fell 17% in the previous year.

Stat #2: Samsung declined by 18% in the first quarter of 2020. Source

The smartphone company declined 18% within Q1 2020 and is expected to decline sharply in Q2 2020. However, Samsung was the leader in the smartphone market this quarter, accounting for a fifth of global smartphone shipments.

Stat #3: Apple experience little decline during the first quarter of 2020. Source

Apple also stayed strong during COVID-19 as iPhone shipments fell just 5% for the quarter. Sales with iPhone decreased by 7% compared to the previous year in the same period. The impact in some countries in Europe and Asia was moderate.

Stat #4: Apple iPhone shipments rose to 10% in the fourth quarter of 2019, without a 5G variant. Source

The iPhone 11 series received excellent reviews from customers in all regions. The dual camera and lower prices on the iPhone 11 boosted sales.

Stat #5: Apple dominates the smartphone market in Australia and the US. Source

In the US, this happened after the launch of the iPhone X, and the smartphone brand has more than 40%. While it has a 42% market share in Australia. 

Smartphone’s Role in today’s Shopping Statistics 

Stat #1: 79% of smartphone users have purchased items online using mobile devices for the past. Source

There has been a significant increase in the rate at which people use their smartphones to make purchases online. Especially in the past six months.

Stat #2: 57% of digital shoppers in the US say they check prices on a retailer’s mobile app while shopping in their store. Source

Although, the physical store still accounts for the larger percentage of where people shop. However, most people do activities like price comparison and checking mostly using their smartphone.

Stat #3: Younger shoppers are using mobile shopping apps more than older people. Source

According to data provided by Bizrate Insights to eMarketer, 61% of US internet users aged 18 to 34 have used a mobile app to purchase a product/ service in the last month.

Stat #4: Mobile devices account for 49% of traffic generated for websites. Source

Mobile devices are at the forefront of website traffic in the world, with a market share of 49.07% in 2019. Desktop traffic comes in second place, accounting for just under 47% of website traffic, but tablets have a 3.98% market share. 

Stat #5: 8 out of 10 Americans buy online. Half of them use mobile devices to shop. Source

A study by the Pew Research Center shows that 79% of American adults make purchases online. What is interesting is that 51% of Americans used a mobile device to shop online. 

Stat #6: In 2018, mobile phone sales accounted for almost 40% of all e-commerce retail sales. Source

Leading research firm e-Marketer predicts that 53.3% of U.S. eCommerce retail sales will come from mobile commerce by 2021. 

Stat #7: Smartphones are the main e-commerce device for shopping. Source

According to last year’s Scandit Retail Consumer survey, the largest percentage of mobile shoppers, at 83%, use smartphone apps for shopping. The use of shopping apps is much lower among tablet users, with 14% using shopping apps on these devices

Future Usage of Smartphones Statistics

Stat #1: By 2021, the number of smartphone users in the world will reach 3.8 billion. Source

As of 2018, the population of smartphone users in the word was 2.53 billion. About 20 million join every year.

Stat #2: In 2025, 80% of global connections will be by smartphones. Source

As predicted by the research, smartphone connections in sub-Saharan Africa will exceed double of what it is now in the next five years

Stat #3: It is estimated that over 285 million people in the United States will have smartphones by 2023. Source 

With 81% of people owning a smartphone in the US presently, the number is expected to increase. As the market has grown with over 200 million users in the last ten years. 

Stat #4: It is estimated that by 2025, just over 1.3 billion people will have access to the Internet through smartphones and computers. Source 

And based on a report released by the World Advertising Research Center (WARC) using GSMA data. Sixty-nine million will only have access to the Internet via PCs.

Stat #5: Internet users will spend much time online in 2020. Source

According to data reporter, an internet user in the world spends more than six and a half hours online every day. When you add the figures together, in 2020 alone, the time spent online will be equivalent to 1.25 billion years.

Summary of Smartphone Usage Statistics

The usage of smartphones has evolved over the years, and many businesses are currently adjusting their mode of operation to be mobile-friendly. There are billions of people using the device in the world at present, and various research has shown that it will increase more years to come. Therefore, you must understand how this works because many people now make purchases and transact online than before.  

Frequently Asked Questions
– How many people have smartphones?

Currently, about 2.71 billion people use smartphones

– How many smartphones in the world?

Based on smartphone statistics, there are 3.5 billion smartphones in the world.

– Can a smartphone last five years?

Yes, it could even last more than that. However, the lifespan might depend on the usage and the brand.

– When did smartphones come out?

According to business insider, the first smartphone came in 1992 but was not used by people until 1995

– When did smartphones become popular?

They become popular in the 2000s with few phones but became more popular in 2010s

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