How to Become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer in 2020 and Beyond

Do you want to seek a fulfilling career in AI? 

Well, Let’s talk about facts!

As of now, artificial intelligence is a fast-paced technology witnessing immense growth in the job sector. According to a study by Pew Research labs, AI will take over all manual jobs by 2025. However, people with the required skill set will be able to get hired in new positions.

With that said, if you need a job in AI, you must have the required skills. Currently, the demand of AI professionals is improving faster than the existing AI engineers. Therefore, it is a high time to nourish your career in artificial intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

As the name suggests, AI is the intelligence that computers and machines possess. It is a growing branch in computer science that strives to create machines that can perform tasks that require the ability to think and need human intelligence. 

AI relates to more than one branch of knowledge in science. There are countless approaches towards AI out of which deep learning and machine learning are transforming almost all domains of the technological industry. 

Now, you know what artificial intelligence is. But, do you know when it all started?

Well, during the late 1950s, when the world war II was ongoing, Alan Turing broke the algorithm of Nazi encryption machine. Later that day, Alan Turing asked “can machines think?” and that became a turning point in history. 

Later on, Turing published a research paper titled “Computer Machinery and Intelligence” in which he stated about the building blocks of AI that are even followed by today’s Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

As you already figured out, today’s AI is not just a branch of computer science but a subtle answer to Turing’s questions. It is an initiative of simulating human intelligence in robots, machines, and computers.

However, the ever-growing scope of AI has provoked a lot of debates as well as questions. Due to this, a single definition of this miraculous field is not just enough for an explanation. Therefore, a universal answer for what is artificial intelligence doesn’t exist. 

Even the most common definition of artificial intelligence i.e., building intelligent machines, does not answer questions like what an intelligent machine is and how a machine is made intelligent.

Therefore, in order to figure out an answer to such questions, two authors, Peter Norvig and Stuart Russell published their book – Artificial intelligence: A modern approach. In this book, they described a.i. artificial intelligence as the research of agents that gather mental concepts from surroundings and perform the tasks allotted to them. 

A common man might find these definitions theoretical and of no use in the practical world. However, they work as a mind map to bring programs as well as machines altogether with the various available subsets of AI like machine learning. 

So, that was a quick introduction to artificial intelligence, let us now take a look at other important elements for a career in AI. 

The Process of Artificial Intelligence in a Nutshell & it’s Applications in Business

The artificial intelligence(AI) is another name for the automation of various tasks, which will automate a lot of our daily routine tasks. This would definitely reduce the cost of manpower in some level. Automation of processes is actually a very big process which involves the necessary measures of control, thus enabling automation to eliminate manual and intellectual aspects of production. The AI was initially introduced to reduce human errors and increase the productivity of a company by making use of highly specialized computer programs.

The whole idea of computer software is to take the human output and turn it into a machine-readable output. In simple words, the software takes inputs from humans and transform it into predetermined outputs. The output would indicate how much output would be required and whether or not that output can be produced within a time-frame or within a budget. So, the real AI application is to determine the overall output of a specific job and then make a selection of the most appropriate and feasible task to perform. Some of the common tasks done by the AI include product reviews, approval ratings, customer and product profiles, ordering forms, questionnaires, sales calls, inventory maintenance, scheduling, sales ordering, invoicing, fact-checking, and many more.

The AI is used as an aid in business process improvement, and as an internal control system. The technology supports manual and automatic decision making by the human brain and improves the efficiency of the existing systems. It also supports the planning and execution of strategic goals and helps in setting priorities.

The prime objective of the AI is to generate a highly efficient system with respect to the task at hand. The initial stages of research and development involve analyzing the current process involved in a particular process while performing a proper implementation to yield a result that matches with the objectives of the project. A system that improves the standard of work requires detailed knowledge of the current processes involved in a particular work area. The analysis and design can be best done after defining the end-goal. The artificial intelligence program is built using the latest computers and software programs. It requires extensive training which includes technical details about the application. The training is best done by the company or person who will implement the project in their respective organization.

Such technological advancements have allowed us to perform complex operations like diagnosis and treatment of diseases without the need for a doctor. The machine-learning is also known as artificial intelligence applications. Artificial intelligent programs are used in the medical field to treat patients. The programs are able to detect certain diseases and then help doctors diagnose and treat them.

The process of medical treatment has been improved through the artificial intelligent application. It is able to diagnose diseases, find out its causes and ways to treat them. It also comes with a database of previous medical treatment done and the latest medical breakthroughs being made to help doctors determine which treatments are effective and which are not. Artificial intelligent applications were designed to run on their own and come up with their own strategy to deal with any problem.

The program has been designed to decide which of the available treatments or options should be provided for a certain medical condition. So, now when we go to a hospital, we would not find any medical professional there with a checklist. Rather, we would see an artificially intelligent program, which is aware of all the procedures involved in the process and would be able to identify what treatments are effective in an instant.

Who is an Artificial Intelligence Engineer?

Now when you are aware of artificial intelligence, it is the right time to put some limelight on the purpose of AI in the future. Therefore, let us begin with knowing about the most popular job role in artificial intelligence.

An artificial intelligence engineer is a person who is skilful enough to work with tools and technologies such as neural networks and algorithms. The main purpose of that individual is to make progress in the field of AI in any manner.

In easy words, the person who solves major problems related to the technologies in artificial intelligence and works as a professional in this field is known as an AI Engineer. With that said, this field can be said to involve technologies such as neural networks and algorithms. 

If you are aspired to work in this field, you need to have an in-depth grasp of topics such as data analytics, deep learning, python, Django, and various other programming languages. Even getting skilled in either Dl or ML can land you a good career as an AI Engineer.

What are the Skills Required to become an AI engineer?

In order to become a good artificial intelligence engineer, one must possess excellent skills in technical and business domains. With that said, let us take a look at the different types of skills required. 

  • Skills in programming languages (C++/Java/R/Python)

You must be excellent in programming and have a subtle knowledge of data structures and classes. To build artificial intelligence applications, you need to know multiple programming languages. 

  • Algebra/Statistics/Calculus

You must have a familiarity with some topics like vectors, matrices, integrals, and derivatives. Moreover, the higher-level knowledge of statistics is also required. 

  • Algorithm and applied math

You must be skilled in algorithm theory and know the working methodology of an algorithm. Moreover, you should also have a firm grip on subjects such as Convex optimization, summations, partial differential equation, and LaGrange. 

Apart from academic knowledge, you must also have a clear understanding of the various types of artificial intelligence and its subdomains. Talking about the business skills, you must be a great communicator in order to excel in your career.

That’s because you will likely have to explain the complex concepts of ML and DL to the people who have never heard about them and for this, you’ll require great communication skills. You may also be asked to conduct workshops and explain topics like machine-learning vs artificial intelligence to the general audience.

Lastly, you should also be skilled enough to think creatively and critically. As an AI engineer, you will be constantly exposed to figures, data, and trends. Based on the available data, you will have to come up with conclusions of your own. All this requires an immense level of brainstorming. Therefore, as a machine learning and artificial intelligence engineer, you must know how to think creatively and critically.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of an AI Engineer?

Being an AI engineer, you are responsible for a number of tasks such as to develop, deploy, and test various models of AI. All this is to be done with the help of programming algorithms such as linear regression, logistic regression, and random forest. 

  • You need to convert artificial intelligence projects in the form of APIs to integrate them with other models  
  • You need to make AI models and work collaboratively with other organizational components
  • You need to make data transformation and ingestion infrastructure 
  • You have to automate the infrastructure for data science team 
  • You must coordinate with others and maintain a good teamwork
  • You need to make decision-based analyses based on statistics and fine-tune your results  
  • You need to manage infrastructures of AI development and products 

In a nutshell, as an AI engineer, you must understand the various problems of your organization. Based on the problems, you need to develop the required application of artificial intelligence that can solve the respective problems and also involve the procedure for the execution of those technologies. You will also have to develop the required AI models as well.

Salary Trends and Companies Hiring!

Artificial intelligence is a hot career opportunity and the demand for such a rare talent is what makes it capable of providing a nice paycheck. That’s why artificial intelligence jobs have great salary trends and attractive packages.

As per results on, for the keyword “AI engineer” the average salary lies in the range of $134,135 to $169,930. This can even reach higher if you have opted for the key sectors providing jobs as an artificial engineer.

In that case, the average Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary can go high up to $180,000. If you want to get a promising salary; you must be in the appropriate sector. There are only a few sectors that provide a job in AI such as tech. Moreover, the jobs are majorly from developed and urban cities. Therefore, when you work as an AI engineer, you get to work in great conditions which is one of the advantages of artificial intelligence.

Companies such as Adobe, Facebook, Accenture, and Uber are always open for hiring AI positions. Moreover, sectors such as financial services, government as well as consultation agencies are also hiring AI engineers as well as DS professionals. 

For instance, some of the top forms consist of the U.S Army, Allen Hamilton, Capital One, and NASA. Furthermore, there is a lot of scope of artificial intelligence in healthcare as well. Therefore, it is a promising industry to get a job in AI too.

Talking about the salaries in AI, it is highly dependent on the country as well as the region you wish to work in. On average, an AI programmer can earn anywhere between $100,000 – $150, 000. If you want to make higher capital, you should start as an AI engineer because AI Engineer Salary is higher than any other position.  

Can We Learn AI online or by yourself? If yes then How?

If you want to know how to learn artificial intelligence then it doesn’t matter if you are a student or not. You can even be a practitioner or manager. The core mantra is, you must know about artificial intelligence and the technologies related to it regardless of your job title.

The Internet is a great source of information for artificial intelligence. You can find everything you need to get started with artificial intelligence online. There are many Popular artificial intelligence courses to help you get started. Here is a rundown of some popular courses out there: 

  • Google artificial intelligence course

As you may already know, Google is already among the top-guns of artificial intelligence. On top of that, Google is offering its crash course on AI for absolutely free. The artificial intelligence course contains information about everything that an AI engineer at Google needs to have. 

The best thing about their crash course is that it is extremely simple to understand. The technical terms are very minimal and you just need to master basic concepts of math. The course is beneficial even if you just want to know about AI and don’t build one. 

  • Udacity AI course

Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig have successfully taught the fundamentals of artificial intelligence to over 1000,000 people from all around the world. They started their journey a few years ago in a TED talk.

The exact same course is available for you to learn on udacity. The course is focused mainly for marketers who want to learn artificial intelligence and apply the concepts in their marketing campaigns.

Moreover, you can also learn artificial intelligence with python from YouTube. There are numerous creators who have loads of videos on the topic for absolutely free. 


AI is the future and to make sure you make constant success in life; you need to cope up with it. Therefore, learn the required skills and become an AI engineer to earn a good amount of money while doing a lot of interesting stuff. 

Moreover, with the availability of countless job opportunities and attractive packages, it can never be a bad decision for your future. Hence, either join a program or take any of the free courses available on the internet to learn about artificial intelligence.

Rest is assured that you will surely take one’s hat off for the decision you made. Hence, cope up with the future and secure your job with artificial intelligence now. That’s all we have for today.

Pavan Kumar Dhruv
Pavan is just another guy who loves Data Science & AI. He’s a computer science graduate passionate about technology. Apart from all that technical stuff, Pavan loves listening to rock music, reading and travelling. A lot!

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